04 February 2010

¡Argentina: La Comida!

Find 5 interesting facts out about the food you made for our FOOD FIESTA or choose ONE of the recipes you translated to research! Please post your facts in English or Spanish on our blog site!
Facts can include:
· A picture (just inserting the link is fine)
· Ingredients (in Spanish)
· Where the food is typically eaten (country/region/city)
· Why the food is prepared (special occasion, daily meal etc.)
· What meal it is served with/how it’s served
· What other foods accompany this food typically
· Any different versions based on regions/cities/countries



marie zaccagnino said...

5 interesting facts about the food i made for our classes FOOD FIESTA which was... "Guacamole"!:)
1.Guacamole is the football party super-food. And of the 1 billion pounds of avacados sold in the U.S in aprroximatley 2007 49.5 million pounds were actually consumed on Super Bowl sunday! How cool is that?!
2.An avacado which is obviously the main ingredient in guacamole, is actually a fruit not a vegetable!
3. Also the company called "Wholly Guacamole" makes the actual equivalent to over 1,500,000 ice cream scoops per day! Wow thats a lot of guacamole!
4.Also i have found out that football fans all across the country will eat more then 80 million pounds of avacados, or just about enough to bury the University of Phoenix Stadium field actually under 31 feet of the wrinkly skinned fruit end zone to end zone.(I found facts 1-4 exactly from this website "www.thepartygoddess.com".)
5.Also guacamole varies in its specific ingredients rather then just the base ingredients in guacamole, depending on the region of Mexico where the guacamole is specifidley made! (This specific fact was found at "www.gourmetsleuth.com")
I hope you enjoyed learning about guacamole!:)))) by Marie Zaccagnino Period:3 (class ARGENTINA) 2/9/10.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Felber 2/9/10 : Cinnamon Fritters(churros)

1. This food is typically eaten in Madrid, Spain.
2. Cinnamon Fritters are not specifically served with a meal, it is considered more a snack.
3. picture: http://uktv.co.uk/images/112112/17433.jpg
4. Churros got the name because a spanish brand of sheep are also called churros.(www.barrypopik.com/.../churros_spanish_fritters_or_doughnuts/)
5. Usually when eating cinnamon fritters you drink hot chocolate.(www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/.../cookingclasses.html)

Rebecca Anthone said...

1. In Mexico, the main ingredients are onions, garlic, chiles, and tomatoes.
2. Soutwestern people use salsas as garnishes, dips, condiments, and even side dishes.
3. Salsas are low in cholesterol, fat, and calories.
4. Tomatoes and Jalapenos, used in salsa, are fruits not vegetables.
5. The history of salsa originated from the Inca people.

Anonymous said...

Austin Czaja-pre.3

hola! my 5 interesting food facts were about flan!
1. the ingrediants are 1/2 cup of sugar. 3 eggs, slightlly beaten. 1 can of evaporated milk. 1/3 cups of sugar. 2 teaspoons of vannila. and finnaly 1/8 teaspoon of salt
2. flan is eaten everywhere in spanish speaking contries! flan is pretty much....just bread in general and i dont know any contenent in the world that dosent have bread.
3. in spanish contries, they never butter thier flan
4. in mexico, flan is somtimes flavored with tosted coconut
5. in spanish speaking contries, flan is not eaten by itself like it is in the united states. foe ex. fresh strawberry and vannila fudge flan recipie!!!!
work cited:food editorials.com,comida espanola y mexicana packet

james steinman said...

5 interesting facts about nachos are:
1. its ingredients are verduras aceite,6 torilla maiz,1 and a half cups queso y 6 chiles
2. nachos are eaten everywhere
3.nachos are made for events
4.nachos are served with cheese
5.nachos are accompanied by chips and cheese

john yambor said...

almond lemon cake:
1. this is eaten as a dessert
2.picture http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_mvx0mKx51y0/SVur3lbWTNI/AAAAAAAAH8Y/MeL_q8g4hsM/s400/damp+lemon+almond+cake8.jpg
3. most popular during easter
4. eaten in spain
5. eaten with lemon syrup

Victoria Hoffman said...

Mexican Cheese Puffs:
2. made with Bisquick, shredded cheese, butter, and green chilies
3. when they are eaten, you don't eat a lot because you have a variety of small snacks
4. they are tapas, eaten between lunch and dinner
5. eaten in Spain

Madison Amico said...

During the food fiesta,I provided a typical spanish dish known as cinnamon fritters or churros (a.k.a. DOUGHNUTS!!!!)
1.) Churros are described as sometimes tubular, rigid and flaky-pastry like.In other times, they can be in a ball like form. A hole through the center of the pastry is very common.
2.) This food is mostly considered un postre/dessert, and can be filled with chocolate, cream,dulce de leche and fruit filling.
3.) This food was originally created to supply delicious, fresh baked foods to Spanish shepards that lived high on mountains. They woul make the dough from agua y harina in a pan over heat. They would, then fry bits and pieces of the dough in oil.
4.)Churros are mainly eaten in North America and a majority of South America. It can also be eaten in some parts of Spain such as Madrid.
5.) When making the dulce salsa that usually accompanies the churros, jugo de naranja, azucar de cafe, canela y agua must be added to give it a sweet taste that compliments the churro.

Numbers 2,3, and 4 can be found at http://www.churrisimo.com/churros_history.html
Numbers 1 and 5 can be found in recpe booklet or basic knowledge.
Also visit http://webpages.scu.edu/ftp/rpompa/food.htm for a picture of a churro.


Anonymous said...

Arden Oates- Period 3

Mexican Cheese Puffs


2.) Made with Bisquick, el mantequilla, un huevo, chiles verdes, y queso.

3.)Eaten in Spain

4.)They are served with other small snacks as tapas

5.)The food is prepared as a small snack during the day.

Amanda Smith said...

5 interesting facts about flan

1. It is mostly eaten across europe
2. It is served as a dessert
3. In spanish-speaking countries and north america flan refers to "cream." but in places like france it means a custard with a fruit topping.
4. In vietnam it is know as the kem flan
5. In the Phillippines they have leche flan which is a heavier version of the spanish flan

These facts were taken from http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/topics/Flan

Michael beckinghausen said...

Michael beckinghausen

the five interesting facts I learned about Mexican cheese puffs are.......
1. The Mexican cheese puff is a snack eaten with or after lunch.
2. There is many different ways to make Mexican cheese puffs.
3. The mexican cheese puffs are not eaten in Mexico but Spain more.
4. They are made of eggs, bisquick, chiles, a little butter, and Shredded chedder cheese.
5. They are very health for yo because they have different food groups in them.
I got my information at google.com and I tiped in Mexican cheese puffs.

Courtney Dec said...

Courtney Dec, Period 3 (Argentina)
5 interesting facts about tomato salsa..

1.) Tomates, are rich in potassium, vitamins C and A, and include lycopene, which is an antioxidant that has cancer-fighting properties. (suite101.com)

2.) http://serialdeviant.org/images/2006/fresh-tomato-salsa.jpg (you can check out that picture by copying that link into the address bar)

3.) Tomato salsa originated from Mexico. It is a authentic Mexican dish. ( great-salsa.com )

4.) Salsa is the spanish word for "sauce". it is the most popular condiment in the world ! ( http://www.extension.umn.edu/foodsafety/components/handouts/Salsatips.pdf )

5.) Cilantro and cumin are often used to make the salsa spicier ( http://www.extension.umn.edu/foodsafety/components/handouts/Salsatips.pdf )

shane p said...

1) black beans and rice is normally found in latin america, the caribbean, and latino communities.


This is a link to a photo of black beans and rice.

3)black beans and rice is normally served as a daily meal.

4)some foods that accompany this food are chicken and vegetables, pork, and other types of beef.

5)black beans and rice is normally eaten at lunch or dinner.

shane p. period 3 argentina

jacob m said...

This is a link to Mexican Flan
2.This food is typically eaten in Europe.
3.Flan is a spanish vanilla custard with carmel that is served as a dessert.
4.In different countries they have different kinds of flan like baked flan and almond leche flan.
5.Flan has a silky, rich, creamy melt in your mouth texture.

cameron glian said...

cameron glian period 3

5 interesting facts about mexican cheese puffs are...

1.It is made out of bisquick,butter,egg,green chiles and shredded cheese

2.picture at http://google.com/images/mexican cheese puffs

3. Mexican cheese puffs are typically eaten in spain

4.the meal this food is typically eaten between lunch and dinner

5. Mexican cheese puffs are prepared for whenever people want them they are NOT made for a special occasion

Anonymous said...

1. Mexican cheese puffs are not like american cheese puffs
2. Mexican cheese puffs are more like pastries
3. Mexican cheese puffs have peppers in them
4. They are like a snack in espana
5. despite the name mexican cheese puffs are not eaten in mexico alot

Hannah W. said...

5 intresting facts about the food I made was Bean and Garlic dip
1. The dip is made of:
salt and pepper
pinto beans
red chile flakes
2.This dip is a classic in many spanish speaking countries and is very common
3.This dip can use different kinds beans not just pinto beans such as lima beans
4 There are different variations of this dip.
5 Bean and Garlic dip is typically served with tortilla chips, celery, carrots, and other vegetebles.

erik diehl said...

5 facts about about salsa are....
its origin is from mexico.
Salsas can be fresh, cooked or bottled.
Salsa is both the Spanish and the Italian word for sauce.
Salsa is an ancient condiment
Food historians believe that 15th-century Aztec Indians made it in some form.
The first person to write of what may have been salsa was Bernardino Sahagún who made note of a prepared sauce that was offered for sale in the markets of mexico city
Dalsa is could be made out of various types of fruits and vegetables.

Joshua Buettner said...

mexican cheese puffs

1. mexican cheese puffs are suppose to taste sweet and salty

2. mexican cheese puffs are topas served mainly before the main meal

3. they are eaten mainly in mexico and spain

4. they are not the same as american cheese puffs

5. they are easy to cook and are common in spain