04 February 2010

¡España: La Comida!

Find 5 interesting facts out about the food you made for our FOOD FIESTA or choose ONE of the recipes you translated to research! Please post your facts in English or Spanish on our blog site!
 Facts can include:
· A picture (just inserting the link is fine)
· Ingredients (in Spanish)
· Where the food is typically eaten (country/region/city)
· Why the food is prepared (special occasion, daily meal etc.)
· What meal it is served with/how it’s served
· What other foods accompany this food typically
· Any different versions based on regions/cities/countries



nick b said...

Mexican cheese puffs are part of Mexican culture
the ingredients are Bisquick mix huevo and queso
this food is made with sausage
and made on a regular basis
in spain they do not us peppers

Eric F said...

Nachos are a popular snack food, originating in Mexico and associated with Tex-Mex cuisine. In their simplest form, nachos are usually tortilla chips or totopos covered in melted cheese. First created circa 1943 by Ignacio "Nacho" Anaya, the original nachos consisted of fried tortilla chips covered with melted cheese and jalapeño peppers

Srta. Sullivan said...

don't forget to cite your sources chicos!

lucas s. said...

Mexican cheese puffs are made of Bisquick mix, huevo, mantequilla, Verde chillies, and cheddar queso.the Mexican cheese puffs are a big part of the Mexican culture. it is usually made on a daily basis. is eaten for tapas or a small meal in Mexico or in Spain.they are usually eaten by them self's . there made in Spain but minus the green chillies.

Marissa S. said...

Chocolate, peanuts, vanilla, beans, coconuts, and tomatoes, are all foods that were brought into the world from Mexico. Pork, lamb, beef, wine, vinegar, and cheese were from Spain, brought by the conquerors.


rob said...

rob b.

flan is usally eaten as a dessert.
in latin america flan is a popular dish.flan de coco from Costa Rica and the widespread flan de leche are two variations of flan.flan is known as a open toped pie. for a picture look at http://www.acemn.com/website/images/flan.jpg


Katrina B said...

Guacamole was originally made by the Aztecs.
The Aztecs liked the high content of fat in the fruit used to make guacamole(it is the fat that is good for you)
It is very popular in Mexico.
The Avacado(the main ingredient) is actually considered a fruit.
Guacamole is a dip, so it is commonly eaten with tortilla chips.

Katrina B said...

My information was from:

Anonymous said...

salsa originated in from the inca people. Aztec lords would serve salsa as a condiment on turkey,lobster and fish. The first man to call it salsa was Alonso de Molina. Charles E. Erath was the first man that started making salsa as a business. In 1941 Henry Tanklage made salsa with different peppers so people could have a choice of spiceness.

Anonymous said...

ohhya sorry forgot to cite the thing.


Anonymous said...

jessie s

1.Guacamole contans 200-300 calories
2.Guacamole is Aztec for “Avocado Sauce”
3.Mexico is the world’s largest Avocado producer.
4.Gucamole contans vitamins A,C,E it also contans fiber and potassium.
5.Gucamole has a high fat content but it is a good fat.


Steve W:) said...

Mexican cheese puffs are one of the many popular tapas eaten in spanish speaking countries. The ingredients are
1. mezcla para hornear Bisquick
2. mantequilla o margarina
3. huevo
4. chiles verdes
5. queso cheddar
There are differnt variations of this recipe that can be made such as putting meats into the puff. In spain they generally do not use peppers. They can come in many different shapes and sizes. They are eaten as a small snack.

elliot c said...

this dish has spread across europe and the world flans root word is french. flan is very well known in parts of the united states, the philippines andin latin american countries.

marina Anastasia said...

Guacamole is usually served with tortilla chips. Its is made with avocado and many veggies like tomatoes, onions, chilies and more. Guacamole was made by the Aztecs originally. Guacamole is usually served in a mocahete or a rough stone. It is very popular in mexico.http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-guacamole.htm. This is the pic cite (http://www.laaloosh.com/2009/02/05/weight-watchers-guacamole-recipe/guacamole-recipe/)

Zain Sayeed said...

Zain S.

Flan is a popular food eaten in Mexico. It is most likely eaten as a dessert. Flan is a dessert which has a mixture of eggs,milk,caremel. El Flan es muy delecoso. It is almost like a custard.